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As part of my MBA experience, I had the pleasure to participate in an immersion week in Silicon Valley. Legacy Ventures organized the agenda and got us in touch with some of the most brilliant people in the area. I was impressed with the detailed planning to get the best out of the week. From the transportation to the dining venues, nothing was left to chance resulting into an amazing week focusing on the most important, the company visits and interaction with speakers. Even there, we could get the best out of the business ecosystem in Silicon Valley thanks to the perfect choice of people to network and talk with. Nothing more to say than thanks a lot as this scholar trip has been unforgettable.
— Carlos Bravo, eMBA 2018, IE Business School

Working with the Legacy Ventures team in planning and managing our recent study trip to South Africa was a highly rewarding experience. Over the years I have hosted 10-15 international MBA field study trips and this was without doubt one of the very best to date. The site visits were outstanding as were the speakers, the accommodations, logistics and restaurants were excellent. I will definitely be using them again and will recommend them highly to my colleagues.
— Professor Mike Unger, Chair, Department of Management and International Business Loyola University Maryland

We have worked with Legacy for a number of years and all our MBA trips have been meticulously planned and executed. Legacy Ventures are very professional and their staff have always been dedicated to making the trips successful and enjoyable.
— Professor Patrick Gibbons, Jefferson Smurfit Professor of Corporate Planning, UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

When I signed up for the Silicon Valley elective I confess I did not expect much. After all, I thought, MBA schools offer that more as a selling tool and it is really academic tourism. Now I can safely say it was an incredible, life-changing experience. Just having the opportunity to meet and interact on a personal level with key stakeholders and real players in that ecosystem has given me a complete new set of ideas and perceptions! I was very impressed by how well organised and planned the trip was. It felt like every new meeting was building on the previous, until we left on the last day completely in awe of the unexpected experience and learning we had in that week. It felt sad to leave behind that place and those amazing people. But it also left me with a renewed sense of purpose and drive to one day be part of it! Thank you Anca and Lyndon from Legacy Ventures for making it a reality!
— Daniel Zucchi, MBA Participant
Travelling to China for the first time as part of my China MBA elective was an experience that I entered into with excitement, as well as a slight apprehension as to what to expect upon arrival. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. The organisation of the trip as well as the management of a busy, diverse group of executives was handled professionally and our itinerary was thorough and immensely informative. The high-profile meetings and visits that were organised were an eye-opener and gave us all an invaluable insight into how business is conducted in China. Simultaneously, we learnt a great deal about Chinese culture and tradition, making the trip both well rounded and enjoyable.

I, for one am extremely thankful to all at Legacy Ventures for their dedication and efforts in creating such a memorable experience that not only exceeded my expectations, but will stay with me well after the completion of my EMBA. Thanks!
— Kremena Wissel, Marketing Director, Sirius Facilities GmbH
On my EMBA trip to Silicon Valley we were told that ‘network is net worth’ in the area. If so, the access that Legacy Ventures secured for us to entrepreneurs, financiers and support businesses was worth its weight in gold. The trip was fantastic, with a really full itinerary expertly managed by Anca and Lyndon. I think my business school made a great choice to make Legacy Ventures its organisational partner and recommend them to anyone wanting similar services.
— Steve Shepperson Smith, Executive MBA, Head of External & Internal Communications at Cable & Wireless Communications
Working with Legacy has been an absolute delight. They are very skilled in understanding what the client wants, tailor making a set of experiences and contacts for a group of 40+ senior, experienced executive MBA students, providing an organization that makes everything work, leading the process and dynamics of the group and making sure that every individual feels valued and enjoys themselves while working hard. Every experience we have had of working with them from Cass Business School has led us to working with them more.
— Prof David Sims, Emeritus Professor of Organizational Behaviour, Cass Business School

My China MBA elective was an exclusive opportunity to meet high-profile players in a country which occupies an increasingly dominant position in global commerce. The team at Legacy Ventures managed to create an excellent blend of cultural and business experiences so that we got a truly holistic understanding of the country. I now feel much more confident about pursuing business opportunities in China.
— Hitesh Chowdhry, Co-Founder InvestIN Education, UK

I had high hopes and expectations of what I wanted to gain from my International Business Experience in Istanbul and I believe that these were not only met but surpassed. This wouldn’t have been achieved without Legacy Ventures carefully crafted itineraries, strong networks and current cultural knowledge. There was a perfect balance of academic, cultural and social activities which enabled a rich and fulfilling emersion into life in Istanbul. Anca’s and Legacy Venture’s network and on-the ground knowledge and support was invaluable in realising this. The live business cases that were provided to our group by Anca and Legacy Ventures were diverse, engaging and challenging. For me these live cases were a highlight of the journey and required us to exercise the knowledge that we had gained from the previous days of the International Business Experience. Again the richness of this experience wouldn’t have been realised without Legacy Ventures knowledge and expertise. The memories and knowledge gained from my International Business Experience will stay with me for a long time and I thank Anca and Legacy Ventures for enabling this.
— Chris Unger, EMBA 2014, Ashridge Business School
During my MBA, I have gained immensely from the international experience while embarking on several overseas projects. However, the South Africa elective led by Legacy Ventures clearly stood out from the others as we were given the opportunity to meet key business leaders who inspire people to drive change and innovation. The knowledge and expansive networks that we have gained from this international elective are extremely invaluable; the engaging presentations and exclusive interactions gave us a firm understanding of the political landscape as well as the economic, cultural and social challenges of businesses in South Africa. Thus, I would like to thank the Legacy Ventures team for the excellent program which empowered us to recognise the extensive potential and fuel our pursuit of the extensive business opportunities in South Africa.
— Melissa Pang, Singapore, Full-time MBA 2014
I have traveled with many tour groups, both recreation and professionally, and nothing can compare to what Legacy Ventures does for their clients.  The selection of Prague and Munich as destinations was also beneficial.  As an exec MBA student, I was able to see how vastly different practicing business can be in two countries even when they are in such close proximity of each other.  This same experience can be applied to the rest of the European Union.  Having this global experience has payed dividends for me immediately by enhancing my brand value! During our 10-day international residency, it was easy to realize that we could not have asked for a better experience.  All of this was thanks to hard work and knowledge of the individuals at Legacy Ventures.  Every detail of the trip was thoroughly planned. The companies that were selected during our trip to were fantastic, the hotel locations could not have been better, and the two guides during our 10 days had a vast amount of experience.
— David Swinburne, Executive MBA, Sr. Supply Chain Consultant, Advanced Logistics Consultant
I chose the South African Elective because of its emphasis on leadership and change in challenging environments.  I can say that the program delivered much more than I imagined.  The trip had a large focus on the history of the country but this was always framed in the context of leadership and managing change.  The study group enjoyed a full and varied itinerary that had us experiencing the full range of emotions from laughter to tears. The feedback from our cohort was resoundingly positive and I can wholeheartedly recommend the elective. From conversations with my classmates and my experience I can say that this trip was more than just an overseas elective with a focus on business and the experience will stay with us all for a long time.
— Craig Johnson, MBA 2017, Derivatives Dealer, Hamilton Court FX LLP
The China elective was really an amazing experience for me. Before the trip, most of my foreign colleagues couldn’t understand my motivation for taking the China trip as a Chinese, as there was suppose to be nothing ‘new’ to me. However, the visits to some of the leading firms like, Ctrip and China Mobile were really valuable and I definitely learned a lot from industry practitioners and experts. I realized Chinese companies nowadays are investing a lot in innovation and technology, and the transformation from Made in China to Created in China has been a theme across industries. Innovation is never easy and here in China, finding the right balance between leading in technology and catering to the market might be the key. Hopefully in the future Chinese companies will be able to provide better products and services not only to domestic markets, but also to more and more international customers.
— Feng Bian, MBA 2018, Cass Business School
I want to say what a great job you did for us on this trip, both as an organiser, and as an active participant in all the group visits and activities (though come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing you sand boarding). It was I am sure a memorable experience for all concerned, certainly for myself, and everyone has been raving about the quality of the presentations, and the structure of the programme. The fact that I haven’t had a single serious complaint about logistics is (a) unique in my very long experience, and (b) all down to your organisation and handling of the group.
— Professor Roy Batchelor, Professor of Banking and Finance, Director, Cass Executive MBA Dubai, Cass Business School

An MBA is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build your network, live new experiences, and differentiate your CV. Legacy Venture’s provided just the differentiating factor for my professional profile. I had the pleasure of exploring Beijing, Shanghai, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi with Legacy Ventures during my 2013 MBA programme in London. Not only did their extensive networks facilitate thought provoking and culturally enlightening meetings with business and community leaders on all of the trips, but also several key interactions resulted in career boosting opportunities. A networking event in Dubai led to me writing my dissertation on ‘Dubai as an International Financial Centre’, which was subsequently presented at the 2013 Sibos conference in the emirate and was also tweeted by the Government of Dubai. Furthermore, my enhanced awareness of Confucianism and Chinese culture has aided me immeasurably now that I’m fund raising for Chinese companies. My only regret is that I didn’t join the Legacy Ventures team in India and South Africa!
— Kamaldeep Panesar, Investment Banking Associate @ Akur
One attraction of an Executive MBA is distinguishing yourself from the competition in your chosen career as well as gaining exposure to global leaders and innovative fields in business. I felt that the international electives at my business school were best placed to deliver quality via the dedication of Legacy Ventures. I thoroughly enjoyed both the UAE and the China international study tour they hosted. In delivering the module, Legacy ventures demonstrated the upmost professionalism and genuine enthusiasm for each student, in terms of maximizing our learning and exposure to local and international companies.

The quality of the guest speakers was commendable, but Legacy Ventures took time beforehand to actually set the context of both the challenges and opportunities for business in the regions prior to our company visits. Moreover their team were particularly conscientious about ensuring out time in China was informative as well as genuinely fun! They were truly memorable experiences on my MBA.
— Russell de Cogan, UK, MBA Participant