Silicon Valley Program


Silicon Valley is the alma mater of new ventures, a hot bed for innovation and the most influential place for entrepreneurship in the world. In the age of global economic uncertainty, Silicon Valley is the engine of growth for the US economy, building revolutionary platforms for interconnected communities, instantly accessible knowledge and frictionless commerce. In many ways just like the Florentines and Venetians built Italy’s renaissance, the entrepreneurs and business of the Valley are building a new age. There are signs of a new entrepreneurial renaissance everywhere around us now. When the business landscape is changing so fast, sustainable innovation and strategy is the only way forward.  

This program will allow the students to immerse in the energy, culture and working ethos of San Francisco and Silicon Valley and learn about how entrepreneurs, heedless of boundaries and possessed of youthful enthusiasm generate new ideas, assemble great teams, start up new ventures and create successful innovative companies. These are the same guys who understand that failure is a good thing as long as they are continuously learning to fail quickly and smartly. Participants will have the chance to visit, learn from and network with experienced entrepreneurs and founders of start-ups, incubator and accelerators that foster an entrepreneurial environment and support the early stage entrepreneurs,established internet companies operating in the internet or software area, business angel investors and venture capitalists, private equity firms that provide an abundance of equity capital, professional services firms such as banks, law firms or consultancies that complement and provide the business support.