Management team

  Lyndon Worrall,  Managing Director

Lyndon Worrall
Managing Director

Lyndon is from Cape Town, South Africa and over the last decade has actively worked with MBAs from all walks of life. Coming from a strategic marketing and investor relations background, he completed his MBA in London and has since travelled extensively in pursuit of understanding different cultures and management disciplines. He has a wealth of experience in international business and since 2005 has personally managed and led dozens of programmes for some of the world’s leading business schools to destinations such as the UAE, South Africa, Brazil and China.

  A  nca Enica, Marketing Director

Anca Enica
Strategy and Marketing Director

Anca completed her MBA in London following a successful career as a solicitor in one of the UK’s top law firms. She has a passion for technology start-ups and corporate innovation and as such drives our Silicon Valley programme. She has led tours to China, South Africa, the UAE, Turkey and Iceland and currently also manages Legacy’s business development strategy. Anca is a strong believer in the power of innovation and is in charge of bringing fresh cultural and business elements to our programmes that make them unique.


Paul Gardiner
Network Director

With a family background in the tourism industry, Paul is extremely well-travelled, and has a sincere passion for education and knowledge-sharing. As a director and one of the initial founders of Legacy Ventures, he has accompanied a number of international trips, listing China as a personal highlight. Paul is an experienced networker and works hard at connecting Legacy with top people who can add value to our programmes in our different destinations. In addition to his involvement at Legacy Ventures, Paul is also a Director of the Mantis Group (an international hospitality group), and Director of Worldwide Experience, a company registered in the UK which has exclusively partnered with celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls to host and facilitate his first ever Survival Academy.


Sean Kritzinger
Travel Director

Sean’s passion for the travel industry was ignited in 1990/1991 when, after completing a four-year Business Science degree, he worked and travelled in the UK and Europe. On completion Sean spent two years in the business development arena for Felix Unite, the pioneer of adventure travel and river adventures. After a few years in the corporate market, he embarked on a three-month kayaking and mountain biking adventure with a few friends through Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. In 1998, he rejoined Felix Unite Tours as a shareholder and MD of their inbound adventure tour operator, and grew this business before selling it to a listed group on the JSE in 2000. Sean is a co-founder the Giltedge Group who now have a staff of 55 energetic travel specialists. Sean is a specialist in the Incentives, conference and large group market and new business development. He is also one of the original founders of Legacy Ventures and brings a wealth of international travel knowledge to the company.