10 Ideal Destinations For Your Next Consulting Project

For MBA students and consultants, choosing a place for a consulting project can be tricky. It needs to be a location with strong economic growth, practical business themes and a great cultural scene to explore during that much needed downtime. The following destinations are defined by those factors and more.


With its picturesque green fields and long-distance mountain trails, Dublin doesn't immediately seem like the location to work on a challenging business project. But Dublin's "Silicon Docks" are home to around 2,000 startups, with products that range from whisky to mobile payments.  Plus, many of the top 10 technology pioneers like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter have chosen Dublin as their European HQ - and its easy to see why. With Brexit looming, Dublin represents a secure hub for European talent, and the companies who want to hold onto theirs.


A second tech hub attracting entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world is Berlin. It’s estimated that a startup business is being founded in Berlin every twenty minutes, and this is understandable given its low cost of living and young population. The German capital is behind several startup success stories like SoundCloud and Hello Fresh. Anyone who wants to learn how to build a business from the ground up should make sure to pay Berlin a visit.


Stockholm is modern, open and enterprise friendly, taking a sustainable approach to business. The Swedish capital, and nearby Uppsala, provide opportunities to work on many promising commercial life science projects. There's also a thriving creative scene. But Sweden has a history rooted in manufacturing, and its many recent ICT startup launches have boosted the city's production prowess.



Professionals interested in finance will obviously find London a valuable destination. It's weathered political uncertainty to maintain its status as the world's top financial centre. Rising consultants could work on anything from digital transformation to risk management projects for the world's top banks and accountancy firms. Outside of the city centre, the East London tech hub provides projects for those interested in delving into the world of entrepreneurship at a startup or accelerator.

New York

New York is another destination which is renowned for its financial focus. It's home to many top investment banks including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. But with a large population of 9 million, there is high demand for healthcare, education and professional services. New York's varied economy supplies a range of options for management consultants. Manhattan is famous for its high-end fashion retailers, and many of the stores could use a team of driven analysts to help them go omni-channel.


For consultants willing to splash out for some solid experience, Switzerland is the location. It's more expensive to live in than most of the other European countries. But working in Switzerland is an investment that's very likely to pay off. 15 of the Fortune 500 companies are headquartered there, including Nestle and pharmaceutical giant Novartis. Perfect for those seeking experience in operations management!



Spain’s hub of finance, government and transportation, Madrid has historically cultivated a large art scene as well as several industrial facilities. In recent years, Madrid has developed a culture of innovation, with consulting firm EY making it the home of its Big Data in Finance centre in 2015.  There's a lot to discover in Madrid about the new business models that are driving organisations forward.


Reykjavik is a popular travel destination, with over 2 million tourists seeking out its volcanoes and hot springs in 2017. Unsurprisingly, popular consulting projects could involve determining strategic options for ground transportation or tourism firms.  But Iceland is not all travel. It's the world's largest electricity producer per capita, with power and energy opportunities galore.


A strong manufacturing, tourism and tech presence dominate Kenya’s capital city with Nairobi serving as the base for a host of multinational headquarters in Africa, including big-name brands Google and Coca-Cola. It's common to see skyscrapers juxtaposed with the zebras and giraffes at Nairobi's national park. The wildlife is great fun for consultants to visit during free time.


Last but definitely not least, Turkey has the best of the East and the West. It's an important bridge between Europe and Asia, with an economy driven by travel and tourism, automotive manufacturing, textiles, agriculture and construction. With over 60 VC incubators, Turkey is also a smart choice for people who aspire to consult for startups. Plus, with a cost over living lower than the rest of Europe, its ideal for longer projects that involve drawn out, in-depth analysis.

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