How to be successful in China according to Jack Ma

The rise of China's power in the last decade has been astonishing. China clearly wants to be seen as the new champion of globalization and replace the U.S. in the leadership role for the new global economy. The country remains one of our most popular destinations for MBAs and one of the most difficult to understand to the western world. It is crucial that its role as a superpower in the world is now universally acknowledged and every business school should make a China global immersion integral to their MBA course.

At the recent Fortune 500 Global Forum in Guangzhou, Alibaba’s Jack Ma had 3 pieces of advice for companies that want to do business in China:

Show some respect. “Respect the culture, respect the market, respect the consumers.”

Send great entrepreneurs to lead your business in China, not professional managers. “Those people make the boss happy, they do not make the customers happy.”

Have patience. “Starbucks was here for 18 years. First nine were horrible; last nine were great.”