The UAE-India International Study Tour

Legacy Ventures recently embarked on a multi-country tour to Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Mumbai, India with a group of full-time and executive MBAs from one of Europe’s leading business schools. The packed schedule consisted of interactions with some of the biggest and most innovative companies driving the development of economic and social wealth in the two countries.

Among the diverse selection of sectors and businesses explored were Dubai Airports, owners of Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic and Jumeirah Group, key facilitators in the growth of Dubai’s expanding tourism industry and visionaries behind the Burj Al Arab.

Students also had the opportunity to explore Nakheel’s infamous creations The Palm and the World, practice their footwork skills with a field trip to OSCAR Foundation’s training grounds, experience the latest in payment-processing technology at ATOM Technologies and visit a sub-group of one of India’s largest conglomerates, Tata Group, to learn about their vision to educate and empower India’s future generations.

The trip was not just a one-dimensional learning experience and participants were able to dive head-first into the culture of these two thriving cities through a cultural lunch and discussion at Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and visits to key landmarks including Burj Khalifa and Gateway of India.

On-ground, many of the group could not believe the contrast in business culture and economic make-up between the two destinations. The tour acted as a great opportunity for participants to experience the dynamism of doing business in these regions and further offered an incredible insight into how, despite differences in operation, emerging economies are passionately driving the force of innovation to better their countries’ global standings.