To harness the true wealth of each destination we include in each program memorable cultural and social experiences 


We know that one the important aspects of any tour is that the participants immerse in the cultural environment and thus each program tries to incorporate cultural elements. These can range from cultural talks from local experts, guided tours of historical places such as Apartheid Museum, Taj Mahal or the Great Wall to a Cape Town sunset cruise to sampling dumplings or Beijing duck and having a tea ceremony in China or enjoying a safari dinner in the middle of the dessert. 


We provide assistance with the organisations of meals during the program, menu selections, reservations, and venue setup. This includes coffee breaks, working lunches that occur between classes or en route to company visits,  dinners in traditional local restaurants or unique venues, alumni cocktail receptions. We pay special attention to dietary requirements and people with food allergies and ensure there is plenty of food selection for all tastes and requirements.


We acknowledge that each tour provides a unique opportunity for participants to bond and get to know each other. We assist with any tips and advice about nightlife venues and events at destinations. Through our exclusive network of MBA associates we hold the secrets to the best local places to suit the tastes and budgets of the MBA crowd. Our local guides are highly experienced in dealing with MBA students and can arrange tickets for football matches, cooking classes or a kung fu session with a Shaolin master, you name it.